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Philip Thomas, also known as PiBB Thug, resides in West Los Angeles and works for a major retailer managing Environmental Affairs for its operations within the state of California.  To the surprise of level-headed people everywhere, his girlfriend, Janice, has not yet issued the "PiBB or me" ultimatum and has agreed to tolerate the hobby/obsession during the course of their romantic relationship as long as he agreed to remember her birthday.

Philip's all-black cat, Alberta H., is totally sweet (except for when she repeatedly plops down on the computer keyboard while pibbthug.com design is taking place).

While not working or PiBBing, Philip enjoys handing out bad beats while playing poker, cheering the Lakers on to NBA title after NBA title and popping bottles of top shelf Paso Robles Pinot Noir.

Larry Thomas effectively manages rental properties in Orange County and his cat Felix effectively manages him.  Having been a collector and hobbyist all of his life, PiBB is just one of many subjects of interest in Larry's world, splitting time with rare U.S. coins and currency and Lakers championship t-shirts.

Missy, Larry's patient and understanding girlfriend, has accompanied him on many a PiBB-mission and both have been known to frequent natural hot springs in off-the-beaten-path locations around California.

Larry (along with his brother, Philip) would especially like to thank their mother Harriet for being gracious enough to devote hundreds of square feet of her valuable home space to the storage of PiBB memorabilia.  They are sure that any other mother would have demanded every last item's prompt removal years ago.