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The great diversity that exists within the world of soda bottles (material type, deposit-program status, size, shape and color, label type, cap type, etc.) along with its rich and ever-changing history make bottles ideal targets for the soda memorabilia collector.

Although not totally comprehensive (we are aware of at least a dozen missing pieces), this collection of Mr. PiBB (and related brands) bottles is the largest ever assembled in the history of soda memorabilia collecting.  Furthermore, we believe that a few bottle designs presented here are either unique (no longer attainable) or pretty close to it due to limited production originally or other factors that severely limit current availability.  All of these bottles have designs that are unique to each other in some substantial way -- duplicates have been eliminated.

If you happen to have or locate a bottle that is not listed here, please contact us.  We are always willing to trade (we have many duplicates) or make an offer for any item of memorabilia that we currently do not have in our collection.


Glass (36)

Plastic (27)

Foreign Issue (6)

Sugar Free / Diet / Zero (9)