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Cans are among the most collected items in the world of soda memorabilia.  Not only are they widely available wherever packaged beverages are sold and nearest and dearest to the soft drinker's lips during consumption, countless numbers of cans throughout the years have had visually-pleasing designs, attention-grabbing contests and brand loyalty-inspiring promotions and their palmable size makes them ideal for collector storage and display.  Furthermore, cans have evolved over the last several decades through a number of hard manufacturing variances such as shape, type of metal used and tab design that make the collecting of cans a fun and never-ending adventure for thousands of soda enthusiasts worldwide.

The 92 Mr. PiBB and Pibb Xtra cans displayed here, in the order of their approximate date of production, have designs that are unique to each other in some substantial way.  Factors that we have considered "substantial" while determining a can's unique status include:
  • A difference in the type of metal used or physical design of the can
  • An intentional change in color (not just the typical dye-lot variations commonly associated with mass production)
  • A change in logo design, size or style
  • The addition of a new slogan, contest or promotion
  • A change in the manufacturer's design code (see below)

We have ignored minor differences that may exist (such as bottling plant information or "fine print" ingredient listings) if all other aspects of the cans are identical.

In 1987, The Coca-Cola Company added design codes to each of the cans they produced.  This feature made it easier for can collectors to determine when a new style of can hit the shelves.  Design codes, typically printed near the can's UPC bar code, consist of the year that the can was designed (for example, 1998), a dash, then a number code that is specific to a particular design.  Below is an example of a design code found on a Mr. PiBB can from 1998.

While several of the cans listed here have never been opened and still contain their original Mr. PiBB contents inside, the majority have either been opened from the top and emptied the old fashioned way or punctured on the bottom surface of the can to allow the fluid to drain out while preserving the tab in an unopened form.  The prompt draining of soda cans is always recommended (especially with newer cans) due to the potential of full cans springing leaks over time that could place the physical condition of nearby cans in jeopardy.  We have learned the hard way on this.

If you happen to have or locate a can that is not listed here, please contact us.  We are always willing to trade (we have many duplicates) or make an offer for any item of memorabilia that we currently do not have in our collection.


Regular Issue (36)

Special Issue (41)

Foreign Issue (4)

Sugar Free / Diet / Zero (11)