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The 49 unique designs of Mr. PiBB and Pibb Xtra vending machine labels to follow represent, perhaps, the category of memorabilia that would be hardest for any other collector to duplicate.  Especially difficult to obtain are the Sugar Free and Diet labels, as it was particularly uncommon to find those offerings in vending machines.

Not only have there been a series of label print design changes over the years (logo size and generation, the occasional addition or subtraction of a slogan, etc.), vending machines have been constructed in many different shapes and sizes themselves (including vending machines in existence before Mr. PiBB's 1972 introduction), forcing the inserts that identify their available soda brands to also come in many different shapes and sizes.  The result is the plethora of vending machine label variations presented here.  Enjoy.


Generation 1 (21)

Generation 2 (3)

Generation 3 (6)

Generation 4 (1)

Generation 5 (9)

Pibb Xtra (3)

Sugar Free / Diet / Zero (6)